Cooking Classes in Salt Lake City

Cooking classes are an exciting way to learn new kitchen techniques and recipes, and get inspired to be in your kitchen.  Keep reading to find cooking classes in Salt Lake City and make it happen!  They are available all over the city; the trick is to find them, and I’ve gathered up the information so all you have to do is bookmark these pages (or just this blog post!) and you now have a city full of classes at your fingertips any time you are ready to try something new.

Recipe and Samples at a cooking class

Recipe and Samples at a cooking class

What is a cooking class like?  Some classes are hands-on and you get to do the slicing and dicing yourself, while some (most) are watching an instructor cook and share their experiences and knowledge.  Some are oriented toward adults, and some toward kids.  Many include samples and/or recipes so you can try out what you’ve learned at home.  I suggest always bringing a note pad and/or a camera to make it easy to look back and remember what you’ve learned.

Urban Farm & Feed – Offers classes year round, more frequently during summer and fall, and if you get a group together they will even schedule a class for you!  This would make a super fun and unusual birthday party or girls night out.  Brewing and applesauce and cheese-making?  Yes please!  Cost ranges from $25 to $45, depending on subject, and includes taking home class creations.

Wasatch Community Gardens – Offers classes mostly during the growing seasons, on all sorts of topics ranging from cooking to gardening to raising your own chickens.  They teach fermenting, pickling, canning, seasonal cooking, making relish, and all sorts of other goodness that centers around using local foods.  Cost ranges from $10 to $25 per class.

Williams Sonoma at Trolley Square – Offers classes most Sundays year-round in the store, all FREE, with delicious samples and recipes available.  The classes aren’t posted online but you can stop by the store at the beginning of each month to pick up the month’s schedule or give them a call.  These ladies are super friendly and there is a good chance you’ll run into me here too.  Did I mention they give a 10% store discount for class attendees?  Makes you want to go drool over kitchen gadgets, right?

Salt Lake Culinary Center – Offers a huge variety of classes for all skill levels, including some for Junior Chefs, and they even have a kids’ summer camp option!  They are all about the joy of cooking and experiencing food.  Cost ranges from $55 to $99 for individual classes; click on the link for the current calendar and details on upcoming events.

Saffron Valley – Offers group classes in Indian cooking if you have a group of 8 or more.  More than just following recipes, these classes are about the enjoyment and art of the entire process.  They have sample menus available of what to learn or will customize a class for your group.  Give them a call or check out their website to schedule a class.

Harmon’s Grocery has classes at several locations around the Salt Lake valley.  Some are hands-on, some are demonstration only, and some are complete five-course dinners with wine pairings featuring all sorts of different cuisines.  Class subjects include making pasta, mozzarella, ethnic foods from all over the world, pizza, ice cream, and lots more.  Cost ranges from $35 to $85 (the higher ones for the full dinners of course!).  They also have recipes and videos available at their site!

Sur La Table at the Gateway – Reservations are required at these classes and they do fill up, so make sure to check this calendar in advance and give them a call.  Most classes look to be in the $59-$79 range but I also see a lot of discounted classes for far less.  This is another place with a wide variety of options.

Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli – Tony’s has lots of tasting classes, including wines, cheeses, whiskey, chocolate… all the good stuff, plus cooking classes too.  This is also an amazing local market and if you haven’t been, you should add it to your to-visit list.  The variety of chocolate and pasta is overwhelming.  I think this is worth adding to a foodie vacation list for anyone not local to Salt Lake.

Marguerite Henderson – An individual instructor and published cookbook author who holds classes near the downtown farmers market, mostly outdoors on a patio.  Class cost is $65 and includes instruction, recipes, and food.  Classes are 6pm to 9pm.

I hope that you have found this list helpful and encourage every one of you to try out something new this summer.