How to find good recipes online

Learning how to find good recipes online doesn’t have to be a challenge.  A poorly written recipe can lead to disappointing results, and sometimes even discourage people from trying new recipes.  Let’s save you from that!

Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for finding new recipes.  I also sometimes decide what I want to make then type the recipe name into Google, or Google an ingredient then click on the recipes with the most delicious pictures.  (make sure you have good virus protection software if you do this too!)

– If the link goes to a food blog, it is probably a great recipe.  I am a little biased of course, but you know that if someone is going to test a recipe and do photos and everything, it’s going to be worth doing so.  When you find a food blog you like who posts recipes you’re interested in, please make sure to follow them and give some love!  We bloggers love to know that people cook our recipes.  For some places to start, check out my list of Inspirations.

– Links to professional cooks’ pages like Martha Stewart and Alton Brown, you can bet it’s going to be good.  These people know what they are doing!

– Found an amazing looking recipe that isn’t in English?  No worries, Google Translator can handle a lot of these.  I strongly suggest purchasing a kitchen scale though, as many non-US countries do recipe measurements by weight not volume.

– Recipes that advertise the number of ingredients tend not to be good.  This is a big fad lately, but mostly it means that the recipe has very little flavor or is a cheating bunch of chemicals (like using a boxed cake mix, pudding mix, etc) that actually have a ton of ingredients in them and mostly unhealthy ones.  Don’t take pride in avoiding spices.  Spices make food worth eating.  Also, peanut butter plus flour does not equal cookies in any world, ever.

– There are a lot of public recipe sharing sites such as (which I love), but the recipes and the reviewers are, shall we say, inconsistent.  Always read the reviews on these recipes before cooking them.  Some people give five stars then list every way in which they didn’t follow the recipe (make notes of those changes, some are great suggestions!).  Some people give one star because although the meal was perfect, their three year old didn’t like it.  Reviews are a great source of information on these sites.

– Personally I avoid anything with cream-of-whatever canned soup (super high sodium), or anything that the best comment is that somebody’s “super picky” family member liked it (unless that guy is also your family member, because people who use that term as an excuse to not try new things tend not to appreciate good food)

So, onward with the food adventures!